Free concerts at the Saint-Pierre church

If you get a free chance to go to a nice concert at night, don’t be surprised, because it happens! Usually there is a free concert every week at the church Saint-Pierre, and it is given by a music academy or the orchestra of Université Toulouse 1.

In this February, I luckily had the chance to this wonderful concert, it was in a church who has a very long history. Apparently many people were interested in this, it said that this concert officially started at 20h, and we got there around 19h45. There were amount of people lining there, which surprised a lot because it was freezing cold and the wind howled. Among the audience who were waiting there, there were some both young and old people, I even ran into my roommate in the case of that we didn’t know that other person was coming.
We waited there for like half an hour, then it started to enter which was a little bit later than we expected. The atmosphere there was really awesome, there were some medieval ruins, the lights were gentle and they match perfectly with this concert. There was no ticket, we just entered and we can sit wherever we want. This concert was Mozart special, and it specially focused on the flute performance. This concert lasted for more than one hour including almost ten performances ( No.1 in G major, K 313).

Furthermore, the audience showed a high respect to the performers, we were touched a lot by this. After we got out of this church, I couldn’t even stop talking about this wonderful concert with my friend. So you can search for some further information about it, and maybe try to see one free concert next time, don’t miss it, it is a life time memory!

Jiaying Li



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