5 Apps a student must have in his smartphone

These applications all aim to make your life easier, whether it’s budget, food or shopping. So, grab your smartphones, and download what you like from the App Store or Google Play.


Bankin: managing your expenses



The most popular apps to manage your expenses is called Bankin ‘, and for good reason: its interface is practical, easy to use and clear. The app is free and secure (it’s better)! Advantages ? You have a clear overview of your expenses, your income, and the amount you have left until the end of the month. In addition, expenses are categorized by theme: gifts, shopping, outings, fuel, etc.

Useful to manage your budget and not to be discovered in the middle of the month.


Lydia: make budget cagnote and pay back her friends



Lydia’s operation is simple: send money to anyone. Created at the base for the students, this application has gained popularity and diversifies more and more. It offers to make secure transfers to your relatives without going through your bank.


No more checks or cash withdrawals, you can reimburse your friends for a shared gift, party, carpool, etc. It is even possible to pay for purchases at some merchants with the application.

Mobeye: make money by going shopping


This is one of the applications that allows you to make money! The Mobeye principle ? You register and see the missions near you ! You choose one, and you just have to go to the store to fulfill the mission. Be careful, however, the missions require a little time. You must take several photos (in front of the store, at the entrance, photos of products), do not be embarrassed to do the tourist at the local supermarket ! But if you fulfill your mission well, you win between 3 and 7 euros. This money is then transferred by bank transfer.

Balumpa : Have a good time after classes

You have finished your classes, completed your homework and you have finally finished organizing your, it’s time to have a good time. In addition it’s Thursday, and all the students are out, so what’s the best place to party? Balumpa gives you his opinion: this geolocated application allows to consult live the majority of events taking place in your block. The best parties are listed, but also shows, concerts, exhibitions, etc. You can also share your discoveries, give your opinion or consult, whether with give your opinion or consult, whether with Balumpa or Facebook, which has integrated the application to make it easier to access.

Too Good To Go: the app that makes you eat by reducing waste !

Too Good To Go is the fight against food waste with only your smartphone: an app that puts you in touch with merchants in your neighborhood to allow you to go save their unsold at the end of the day! In two clicks, you put an end to your hunger and you reduce the mess. It is in the form of “surprise baskets”: their precise content varies every day, but the description of the signs is clear enough that you know if you will leave with a sandwich, a salad, a quiche or any other dish. Once the order is placed – using a credit card or via Paypal – it is sufficient to go to the merchant at the time indicated to recover the meal surprise. A rather simple operation, which allows to enjoy also a wide variety of choices: With 34 cities covered and 1600 partner businesses, Too Good To Go has a rather interesting network.

 An article from Mélika Ze Nguele

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