Pharmaceutical Marketing: Challenges and ethics


What is the pharmaceutical marketing?

Pharmaceutical marketing is the business of advertising and promoting the sale of pharmaceutical drugs. Marketing techniques generally include getting consumers to understand and familiarize themselves with a certain drug through a variety of methods, including animations, television advertisements, and print advertisements.


Strategy challenges in pharmaceutical marketing

With the pharmaceutical industry which is one of the biggest markets in the world, drug companies must be careful about marketing strategies to successfully market their products. The time and effort that it takes to research and identify a market, develop a formulation, run clinical trials and produce a drug is colossal. Therefore, it is essential to have a good pharmaceutical marketing strategy in place.

The drug industry has so many regulations which can cause eventually delays and hinder development. It’s reported that some pharmaceutical companies can sometimes take over 10 years to develop a drug before it is approved and released into the market. It’s no wonder then that marketing is such a massively important aspect of a new product: it must be in place to ensure the product success. The pharmaceutical industry is saturated with drug companies competing against each other. But a powerfull pharmaceutical marketing strategy is the key to make a drug an effective market leader.


Pharmaceutical marketing and ethics

As said, pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest markets in the world, with many challenges including financial. Every year, Pharmaceutical companies invest more and more money to promote their products. But these elements can lead us to think on ethical aspect of the pharmaceutical marketing. Is it a tactic to improve patients’ health or a strategy to influence doctors to prescribe their products and persuade consumers that they need their drugs?

Pharmaceutical Companies need generally many years for the development of a new product. Consequently, they must be careful about marketing strategies to victoriously market their products: it is a determining factor to guarantee a return on investment and make benefits. However, this is a public health issue, and can lead us to think on the pharmaceutical marketing ethical aspect.

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