A Christmas Dinner filled with Warmth and Friendship

How did we celebrate our first Christmas at TBS?

We did it with a warm Christmas Dinner.

We were invited to join a Christmas dinner just a few days before the Christmas. It was held by the MSc. Supply Chain And Learn management (SCALE) students.

The organizers told us that we should bring something to eat or drink. It was a good chance to share and taste food from different cultures. The organizer also told us to wear our best outfit for Christmas to spread the Christmas spirit in TBS.

Because the students of MSc are from a wide range of different countries. Most of us prepared some special dishes of our own culture and shared them with each other, such as goose liver with baguette, Indian soup, Chinese dumplings, cakes and sausages. It was real a pleasure that we could taste many different kinds of food from diverse cultures and to learn more meanings and stories behind each food from our classmates.

In the meantime, we met more people from the different programs. We shared our feelings about school life together, drank Chinese tea while talking with each other happily, we also had the opportunity to listen to the music played by our classmates.

Most of us are international students and it means we couldn’t go back home to celebrate Christmas with our families. So this activity was not only a dinner, but it was a nice substitution with family and it provided a warm environment. We enjoyed the food, explored cultural differences, shared feelings, made some new friends, celebrated Christmas and the one most important thing, this event created a wonderful experience and memory for all the people who attended the dinner.

At the end of the evening, we took many pictures together to keep those precious memories. And I hope we can see each other the next year’s Christmas again!


Nishan Li




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