A Few Days in Firenze


In March 2017, I went to Firenze, Italy. How I had decided to go there? An offer on internet which proposed me to do Bruxelles-Pisa for 37 euros. So I prepared my luggage and went to Pisa, to start. I arrived there, there was a big sun, it was summer in March! When you come from the north, you are not really used to the sun, so when it’s summer in March, you’re a little bit astonished !

There, I discovered a city which has all I love: museums, gardens, food, wine… I started with the gardens. I baught a ticket and the woman explained me that with my ticket, all the other entrances for museums in the city were available for a few days. Perfect if you want to come back! So I had a walk in the garden of the Palazzio Pitti during a few hours, a very charming and calm place: grass and sculptures all around me!

On the next days, I climbed to the top of the Duomo (about 463 steps) to discover a view on all the cities ! It was amazing ! I noticed that everywhere you look, there is something to discover ! A church, a tower, a building… A city full of history!

I finished with Pisa and its tower! To be honest, this is the only thing I recommend in the city. The view was amazing, but the rest of the building around was almost empty, you have to go there for the architecture.

I recommend to everyone to go and discover Firenze, for its museums, gardens and food (of course) ! This is not an expensive city and you will enter the Renaissance cradle !


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