A Robot Server in Restaurants?

MSc. Tourism & Hospitality Marketing & Management (Toulouse)

Robot Servers: It is happening in Japan right now !!!

With black colour, under five feet tall, the robot has a small head on a roving, box body with no neck, a screen for a face, where it displays either a simple smile or text.

His name: HOSPI. 

HOPSI was designed by Panasonic company. The robot started its first job by working at the Crown Plaza Ana Narita Hotel in Japan. His job was to serve bottled water and announce the bus schedule in the lobby. Though, it is unable to take an order, people believe that HOSPI has enhanced customers dining experience, brought more fun and interaction with its animation and new technology. rob

Nowadays, it is becoming a trend to have a robot at home or work place to help people do some simple work. For instance, housewife’s buying mopping robots to clean the floor ,hospitals using robots to deliver medicines and other supplies to patients and hospital staffs.

Certainly, robots cannot replace humans . However it is undeniable that use of robots can offer good solution to labor shortage and has a huge development space. Some scientists perceive in the future robot will become a common tool or friend in our daily lives.


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