The SM2 Cluster is a set of postgraduate programs (Mastères Spécialisés & Masters of Science) with a strong core in Strategic Marketing and Management teachings. These programs are operated by TBS’s Marketing & International Business Department, and are delivered on several campuses: Toulouse (in English), Paris (in English or in French), and Casablanca (in French), with electives in Barcelona (in English).

Throughout all the programs of this Cluster, a special importance is given to the latest approaches to marketing and management, including:

  • new business models
  • digital marketing & communication
  • relationship marketing, experiential marketing, new data intelligence approaches including big data and smart data
  • social responsibility
  • cross-cultural management
  • project management and leadership


Each of the SM2 Cluster programs is strongly focused on employment in order to train people to become efficient professionals, whatever their choice of specialization. TBS’s Career Starter deliver personalized coaching to help students achieve their potential.

Electives and SM2labs are shared between all the programs of the SM2 Cluster, and collaborative work between programs and campuses are strongly encouraged to foster networking opportunities as well as sharing and strengthening of experience and skills.


For academic year 2017-2018, the SM2 Cluster programs are as follows:

  • Mastère Spécialisé en Marketing, Management et Communication (Paris)
  • MSc in International Luxury Industries Marketing & Management (Paris)
  • MSc in International Tourism Marketing & Management (Paris)
  • MSc in Marketing, Management & Communication (Toulouse)
  • MSc in Tourism, Hospitality & Travel Marketing & Management (Toulouse)
  • MSc in Digital Intelligence and Marketing Analytics (Toulouse)
  • Mastère Spécialisé en Marketing, Management et Communication (Casablanca)
  • MSc en Marketing, Management & Communication, track Marketing et Management Stratégique (Casablanca)
  • MSc en Marketing, Management & Communication, track Social Web Management (Casablanca)

Within a campus, or between campuses, there will be opportunities to share and work with students of other programs, especially for SM2labs and electives. We trust this will enrich the participants’ overall experience, and it will be an integral part of learning at TBS.