Aerospace Industry Exploration with USAIRE!

USAIRE is an association of American and European member companies focused on aerospace and advanced technologies. It has companies which have trans-Atlantic business relationships in many advanced technology fields.

This year, with the collaboration between TBS and USAIRE, three students from the MSc. Marketing Management and Communication together with students of Aerospace MBA have the chance to attend the USAIRE monthly luncheon conference and join the discussions for all the latest topics in the industry.

For each conference, USAIRE invites an expert in the field to present insight views to a topic chosen. It is not only an opportunity for students to have a deep understanding of the industry and able to devote their strength and ability into the conduct of newsletter briefing after the conference,but also an opportunity to network with all the senior executives from different companies who joined the meeting.

For 2019, there has already been 2 conferences held in Hotel Pullman in Toulouse addressing the Brexit impact to the supply chain of aerospace industry as well as the latest LCC trends and market analysis.

For each of the luncheon conferences held, usually a heavyweight figure from the industry is introduced to present the speech while a lunch menu of delicacies is also served to all the participants. With all the industry professionals surrounded, it has always been the students like us who benefitted the most.

The volunteer selection process is held mainly for MSc. Marketing Management and Communication program and usually at the begin of the academic year, if you are a student who is passionate to airplanes and aerospace industry, this is one of the best chances you should never miss in Toulouse Business School to take a close look to the industry, make sure not to miss it, opportunities are for those who are ready!

Thomas Chang


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