Airbnb’s Super Bowl Ad and Trump’s Immigration Ban

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Super Bowl’s ads are often as expected as the event itself.
After the recent controversial actions made by the president Donald Trump and the resistance of the Silicon Valley’s major CEOs, this year’s ads were expected to be highly politically oriented.

In fact, Budweiser, Audi or again Lewis showed that immigration is an integral part of the United States history and inseparable from its heritage and success.


After announcing on January 29 that Airbnb will provide free temporary housing for any person blocked by Trump’s immigration ban, the company created the surprise campaign during the Super Bowl, engaging itself against the new president:

“We believe no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, we all belong here. The world is more beautiful if you are more accepting”

This was the message given by Airbnb with an array of multicultural faces mixed together.

After the broadcast of the ad, the hashtag #WeAccept went viral on twitter.

“Airbnb has been supporting refugees well before the current controversy,” said David Miliband, the organization’s president and CEO.

“Airbnb’s mission to bring strangers together , who help each other in various ways is core to our mission as well. So many Americans were refugees. It’s core to the identity and success of the country”, he added.

To be continued !


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