Benefits of Travelling


I have traveled a lot during my childhood (Bahamas, Miami, Los Angeles, St Barthelemy, New York, the French West Indies, Morocco…) and I try to continue because traveling is not only discovering a country it’s also a personal benefit.

First of all, traveling it’s to discover oneself:

In our daily life we sank in a routine so we have all the time the same reactions, when we travel we cope with new situations that can be stressful, agonizing or relaxing. So when we travel, we learn more about our capacities to manage situations that we have never been confronted to.

Be more self-confident:

Travelling enables us to reinforce our mental and to launch ourselves new challenges. Before going on a trip I didn’t know that I could drive a 4X4 in the dunes or jump up a cliff; maybe it’s nothing for you but for me it was a lot before doing it.

Be open with the others and the world:

When we travel we meet a lot of people different from us. In our daily life we will never have the chance to meet them; when I was in the United States I saw an Indian and I’m pretty sure I will never see one in France.

This generates new ways of thinking but also new lifestyles.

To finish with the stress in our daily life:

I’m a very stressed person, and when I arrive at the airport all this stress goes away, I’m relaxed, I don’t think about bad things, I don’t even know what day we are and what time is it, I’m really disconnected from the real word. I think we really need that in order to relax.

I will finish with this sentence “One destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”.


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