3, 2, 1 – BLAST OFF!!

3, 2, 1 – BLAST OFF!

After months of preparation, we are psyched to announced that the SM2 Cluster Blog is FINALLY here!

We think that the blog will not only be an excellent tool for us to practice our digital marketing skills, but more importantly it will be a great opportunity for prospective students and the community in general to get an insight into our life as strategic marketing and management (SM2) students at Toulouse Business School.

The SM2 Blog Team consists of over 30 writers; from Marketing & Communications, Sports Marketing, and Tourism & Hospitality at Toulouse Business School (TBS) from our campuses all over France – Toulouse, Paris, and Lille.

Here you can find out what we study in class, what side projects we work on, how we live and have fun together.

With writers coming from different parts of the world and having different cultures, our blog is super diverse. Although we may differ in our study programs, we still share many common traits. We are young, determined and we are here to learn and HAVE FUN ! So enjoy your reading and do not hesitate to comment and share our posts!

All aboard!

The SM2 Blog Team <3 


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