Bringing some christmas cheer at a retirement home

The charity association students are on the move!

At the end of November, our charity association which was made up of C2M & D2M students was set up. The main principle of this association is to make a change. After several meetings and discussions, we decided to visit the old people. We choose one old people’s home in Toulouse and make some cookies for them as our first event.

We booked the kitchen of TBS’s Bosco building for making cookies, and on 14th December of 2018, we spent an afternoon together to make the cookies for the old people. Considering they are old people, we try to make the soft cookies instead of hard ones. Our association members designed many different patterns of those cookies, hoping the old people could feel the love and warmth from us.

On 15th Dec., we went to the Old People’s Home together in the afternoon. Some classmates out of our association also came to join us with their guitar. When we arrive, it is the teatime for the old people. So we meet them in the dining-hall and start to offer the cookies for those who want .We are so happy to see the smile on their face when they are eating the cookies we make.

After the afternoon tea, considering the Christmas is coming, we decide to sing some Christmas songs for the old people there. And what impresses us a lot is that after a while, some old people stand up and join us to start dancing with each other, and some even start to sing songs with us.

We were so happy to see their interaction and their smiles. It made us feel we really brought some warmth and happiness to them. And when we planned to leave, we hugged each other. It was really  a wonderful afternoon to be with them.

-Li LU


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