Christmas in France? Tips for Lonely International Students

For an international student, the most annoying thing is vacations. Because where to go? So Christmas is, of course, the most lonely festival. Especially if you have this holiday in your home country as well since you are very far away from home and family.

So, what can we do on Christmas?

First of all, I recommend everyone to Strasbourg, where there is the biggest Christmas market is, Colmar is very cute even cuter, all the buildings are Alsace style, colorful, and the lighting exhibition is very much, it is worth visiting, but be sure to book the hotels in advance for a few months, because even the French will go there for the holidays.

The second option is to enter the local French family and spend a Christmas together with them. I suggest that the school should cooperate with some families to provide students with the opportunity to experience the real France.

I have experienced it at my boyfriend’s house. On Christmas Day, the French really will eat from the early afternoon to midnight. There are many kinds of appetizers, main dishes. There also will be a lot of desserts. Later the youngest children go to help everyone with gifts. There are many gifts for them, and almost every family member will have gifts from everyone. After that, everyone will play some games, and some share some fun videos. It is indeed a very interesting experience.

Lin Cao


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