Cocoricorando, my adventure !

As far as my memories go, there have always been motorcycles in my life. When I was 3 years old, my father chose his bike according to my ability to reach the footrests.

I grew up with motorcycles and now, with Cocoricorando, my business, this is my work at the same time as my studies. I create off-road events for bikers which are looking for some adventure.

For many bikers, dream is often to go, on their motorcycles to the other side of the world, into the great outdoors and sleep in a tent … But time is short and we are not always able to keep up with the constraints of everyday life. Whatever your level, Cocoricorando offers you the accessible adventure, close to home, France is a playground so rich and varied.

Paris-Dunkerque, la Vercingétorix (in Auvergne region) and Cathare Moto Trail (in Aude region) are 3 day mixed routes (small roads and paths) dedicated to trails and maxi-trails.

The tracks are different for each edition, designed for motorcycles with no particular preparation (except for the tires), and are available in two versions : « l’Aventure » (“The Adventure”) which allows to take the step towards the off-road and « l’Extrême » (“The EXtreme”) for the regulars.

Escape, share your passion, let yourself be tempted by an “off-road” experience, meet people, experience the adventure in France !

There is no concept of competition on the Cocoricorando events !

Check the videos on the website :


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