Two Days in Copenhagen


As many people, I like travelling. This is in this way that, in January, I decided to travel to Copenhagen with a friend of mine. We enjoyed a promotion on the Ryanair website (because a two-way ticket for less than €30 is something priceless for my bank account).

So, we went to Copenhagen, in January, when the daylight ends at 4:30 pm and when it’s -6° C outside…. But it felt like -13°C according to my weather application from my smartphone. Indeed, we discovered a very very (I insist VERY) pretty city. It was human-scale. We visited the gardens, historic national museum, a marble church, the Danish design museum… Because the Danish are very proud of their design ! We enjoyed having a walk along the canals and with a lot of sun ! All the buildings were clean and colorful ! Indeed, we learnt that the government paid the building owners to keep them clean! It looked very warm in a cold country !

We also discovered the smorrebrod: a Danish specialty which is composed by a piece of bread with fish or meat, cheese and crudités! And, especially, their pastries… They are professionals when it comes to cinnamon ! They put it in many pastries and it was delicious !

To conclude: We discovered a cold country… with very colorful buildings and interesting history! Definitely, I will always recommend traveling there… But maybe in summer!


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