What is Crossfit? – Get ready and dive yourself into a healthy addiction!

crossfit - a healthy addiction

What is Crossfit?

Hello people,

You might have a heard about a new sporting trend named CrossFit that seduces more and more people trying to stay in shape? Well, whether you did or not, I bet this article will deeply interest you as it will make you dive into another exciting sport.

Although CrossFit is more than a passion to me right now, I will try my best to remain objective to give the most relevant insight of what can bring such a good practice into your daily life.

A different approach to sport…

Let’s start from scratch.

On which principles is CrossFit born? Basically, its main spirits consist of being the most complete athlete that your human body allows you. Be ready to reveal your potential and do not fear to sweat!

CrossFit is based on the “surprise” effect. When you enter a CrossFit gym you’ll never know what you’ll find… The WODs (workout of the day) are never the same and keep changing according to your own coach’s wish. Such a method is very efficient as it keeps shocking your body and you can’t rely on a comfort zone. There is always a moment in which you will not feel at ease but no worries, you can handle it !

Please be aware that it is not about performing outstandingly in one area like a footballer or a tennisman would, but rather reaching an excellent level in as many dimensions as possible. The ideal CrossFitter is capable of running 5 kilometers at a decent pace, continuing with some gymnastic skills on rings exercises, climbing meters of rope for 10 minutes before finishing his or her workout with some weightlifting. Such capacity for adaptation requires an awful lot of competences that are essential to being an excellent CrossFitter and that even if you lack one of these skills, you’ll be able to improve during your workouts: Agility, Coordination, Endurance, Balance, Speed, Strength, Mobility, Precision, and Power.

In a nutshell and sportively speaking, CrossFit offers you the opportunity to give your 100% in various sports, to put the necessary intensity in order to push your own boundaries and achieve things that at first, you would never have thought about…

The CrossFit Community

Although mainly an individual sport (nevertheless sometimes you can work out in team of 2 or 3), to me, it is one of the most collective sports ever. CrossFit generates a strong feeling in terms of belonging to a special community. Yet, this dimension is often neglected or not known enough and makes this sport even more attractive. Unless you are a professional athlete, which means you dedicate your whole life to CrossFit, profiles are very diversified in a CrossFit box. Yes, you need to get used to the special vocabulary 😉

Men, women, teenagers, seniors, tall, small, thin, fat, hairy, not hairy, tattooed, non tattooed… This mix is unique and creates real human exchange through a strong cohesion. Everyone encourages everyone else during the workout, not only because it is socially good to act like this, but also because it is a normal and spontaneous duty that every member accepts.

Also, any member of the community wishing to train somewhere else, in another CF box, is always welcome. What we call “drop-in” are commonly spread in our community and you will always benefit from the warm and welcoming atmosphere for your WOD.

Ending words…

I did not mention the spirit associated with CrossFit that consists of behaving in a healthy way for your body, but I believe you have understood it when reading the tittle as we are talking about sport. Perhaps more importantly in CrossFit, you should control your food intake and your resting time (sleeping especially) to make sure your performances follow your objectives. Of course, it should not become a path and cut you from the rest of the world but finding a balance is essential.

My personal message is: Do not fear to try the experience, you won’t regret it and even more, you will not be able to run away from it. It becomes a healthy addiction that will modify your perception of life, improve you physical condition and include you in a fantastic social adventure with unforgettable moments. Those “suffering” moments when you challenge yourself will build progressively a new and enhanced version of yourself. Go for it!


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