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As most of you probably did – besides teleworking remote studying like I did – I watched a lot of movies during the lockdown.

One of the most impactful ones was a documentary called ‘A plastic ocean’, and I would like to use this blog post to introduce it to you.

Through field studies and interviews with researchers, the movie explains the effects of plastic pollution on the marine environment, and the impact it has on both animals and humans.

We have all heard at least once that plastic is consumed in enormous quantities around the world, but that a lot of it ends up in the ocean due to poor disposal methods. So even before watching the film, I tried to reduce my plastic consumption in my daily life.

But I didn’t have a clear idea of what is actually happening in the ocean. This is where the movie really had an impact, as it visually depicts the effects of pollution in great detail.

Some scenes such as a dead bird which was found with over 230 plastic pieces in its stomach, or plastic bottles lying on the ocean floor at a depth of 1600m (where even the sun’s rays don’t reach) stayed in my mind long after I watched the movie.

The situation is very critical, so to improve it some countries have started taking strong actions. For example, Germany has imposed laws to force plastic manufacturers to take responsibility for both recycling and disposing of their products. Also, Rwanda has banned plastic bags to protect their rich nature.

However, I think each of us has a responsibility in this, first by being aware of the impact of plastic pollution and changing our behaviour accordingly.

To be an eco-friendly consumer, I would like to remind (or introduce) the 3R concept to you.

Reduce: Reduce the consumption of unnecessary items.

Reuse: Use one more time (like; give to people or buy a refill pack).

Recycle: Don’t waste valuable resources.

We are standing at a turning point in the future of the Earth.

Why don’t we each reconsider our day-to-day activities? It’s fine to make small changes. But go for it if you can make big changes because the most important thing is that we all think about it, and taking some kind of action.

You can start by watching this documentary.

A Plastic Ocean Official Trailer

This piece was written by Riho Sasaki, a student from Japan pursuing her Master of Science in Communication, Marketing Management at TBS Toulouse. Photo Courtesy.


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