Elective in Paris: Luxury Innovation

The Paris course was about innovation in the luxury industry,although this course was only a week,  we experienced two very good teachers and got a lot of useful methods of innovation.

Basically, we were asked to search for some innovative signals in the interesting and novel places in Paris. So since the first afternoon, we are like travelers in Paris, which is good for someone who wants to visit Paris as well. After collecting all of the signals, we all sorted the signals and selected the brands we are interested in, to make some innovative suggestions for them.

After we selected the brand, we were allowed for a short time to visit and experience the services of the luxury brands that we chose. Our team chose Burberry, we pretended to be customers, experienced the existing services of Burberry and reflected how to be more personalized, customized for the customers, and then we began to brainstorm a variety of ideas to help them perfectly use existing technology and future technology to better improve the customer’s shopping experience.

We were happy because in each step, the two teachers will repeatedly involve the group to help us, and finally we were very successful. The presentation and the experience of sharing the two teachers’ LinkedIn were very valuable because they are in an innovative studio and they also provided perfect help and advice for our future work.

During the class, we went with the students of Paris campus and of Casablanca and Lille campus to experience the nightlife of Paris, Chinese restaurants, opera theaters, and rock bars, etc. Paris always has new things to visit, so come Paris class is definitely a perfect choice.

If you are interested in innovation, luxury, even just want to live in Paris for a whole week, this elective class would not want to miss!

Lin Cao


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