Elective in Toulouse : International business communication

This toulouse elective was about knowing what to do about communication in an international aspect. Our teacher showed us a lot of advertisement related to brand communication, this is where we studied companies like Coca Cola for example but also other brands or advertisement we had an interest in, after that we analyzed everything to determine if it was a good advertisement or a bad advertisement and the marketing aspect behind it. It was also very nice to have the possibility to debate with each others for what we thought was bad or good, it brought a lot of comradeship spirit.

During the second part of this elective we had the chance to have a lecture from an English law professor who taught us everything we could considering none of us had really a law background. The most interesting part in this law class was to know the effect of the Brexit on the brand level and the impact it will have for them in the future.

Finally for the last part of this elective, we visited a company named Delair, that specializes in drones and it’s one of the most thriving start-up in Toulouse, we were well received and had a presentation from the CMO, he was really nice to us and answered all of our questions. His presentation was one that he said he gave to the economic forum and their broad approach to reach countries globally and also the legal aspects of drones and their implication on the world today.

If you’re a student who wants to know more about communication and brand communication and a bit of law doesn’t bother you this is the elective to go to.

By Maxime Leveaud


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