“EUREKA!” — Meet You at Fablab!

“I have a great idea!”

Do you want to be an inventor? Do you have creative ideas? Do you want to have a 3D printing prototype? Voila! Here at Fablab you have all you want!

Every year, students at TBS can participate in SEB Challenge. You will be in a 4-people group, and propose a new robot to manage our daily tasks. Of course, you will have your prototype at Fablab.

“Never heard of Fablab”

Fablab (fabrication laboratory) is a small-scale workshop offering digital fabrications. Fablab has an array of flexible computer-controlled tools that cover several different length scales and various materials, with the aim to make 

“almost anything”.

People at Fablab will help you to create smart devices. You will have a chance to use the 3D printer, laser machine, and bending machine. Apart from tools and machines, you can have access to specific knowledge, experience, and skills within FabLab. Experienced professionals and other passionate people follow the part of the laboratories and provide all their know-how. So the tools, the machines, the experiences, and the knowledge are shared. Basically, you will have access to machines, the training, and consultancy.

“It was a great chance to free your creativity.”

Here at Fablab, we made our own cleaning machine which can climb the wall and clean the corner in our room easily. We made our car-shaped cleaning robot which can clean up our window. We made a tiny robot which can be put into the washing sink.

If you are interested in design, design thinking, if you have DIY spirit, come at Fablab! You will fall in love with it! If you are a student in TBS, you will get a free ticket to Fablab!

“Sounds interesting! Where is the Fablab?”

Address: 27bis Allées Maurice Sarraut, 31300 Toulouse

Metro: to Arènes or Saint-Cyprien-République

Drive: 2.4 KM from TBS to Fablab


Si Chen


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