Giant Machines came to Toulouse!

What to do in Toulouse? Let’s visit the giant machines!

Giant machines came to Toulouse! From the 1st of November  2018, the center of Toulouse was very crowded. It was because there were some “Giant Monsters” that showed up all around the center of the pink city.  And they attracted people from Toulouse and even from all other cities in France and beyond.

Actually, those “Giant Monsters” were not the real monsters. They are the Giant Machines and the designer is Francois Delaroziere. He loves robots so much and is also the owner of the street drama company La Machine. This time, he brought “Minotaure” and a giant spider “Ariane” to Toulouse. Letting them perform a complete drama Le Gardien du Temple which is a story from Greek myths.

The two machines were not only giant but also able to have interaction with people. They could move, “breathe” and the spider could even spray water towards people. This made the performance more interesting and exciting.

During the 4 days you can be close with those machines, follow their routes to see the performance and imagine you are in the story yourself which is a nice experience, especially for those who loves robots.

Besides the 4-day performance in the central area of Toulouse, there is also an exhibition from 9th-11th November named La Halle de Machine.

In this giant machine exhibition, you could see them walk, and you could also climb to Minotaure’s shoulder while he was walking. In the meantime, you could see more different giant machines there. There are also a symphony performance by machines. And Francois Delaroziere introduced his inspiration sources about his works, also mentioned some mechanism of those giant machines.

It is really an amazing street drama, using the immersed way to perform and interact with people which is so cool!

Nishan Li




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