Going To The Toulouse Stadium

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When it comes to talking about Toulouse and what to experiment as a student living here, you obviously hear about Stade Toulousain at one point, and especially going to the stadium on game day. And knowing about rugby or liking this sport is not what matters, it is all about enjoying an amazing atmosphere with a bunch of friends or with family.

Arriving in front of the stadium, the adventure begins outside with the smell of snacks, the beers shared between friends, and obviously the jerseys and the flags proudly paraded.┬áBut the real magic of the moment takes on its full meaning when entering the enclosure. Shouting the names of players while the speaker is naming the team, following the fans singing the supporting slogans, laughing with the adversary’s fan gently making fun of their team, any excuse is good to enjoy the moment and create memorable souvenirs.

Then it is Kick-off time!


Coming from the bleachers of Ernest Wallon on Saturdays’ afternoons, the drumbeat rolls accompanying the fans’ songs and their tremendous claps make the Pink City lives in the rhythm of the Stade Toulousain for 80 minutes. All of a sudden, everyone ones become “red and black” and start feeling as a real Toulousain.

Sometimes stressful but with no doubt always exciting, this sport is a driver of emotions. Between scrums, tries and kicks, the show is never ending in rugby, same is the enthusiasm of the crowd. As an illustration, the victory lap of teams at the end of the game is one of the moments you don’t want to miss. In fact, the word to use to describe the whole experience at the stadium is definitely “celebration”.

So even if the Stade Toulousain might not win all the time, the beauty of the game, the intensity of the moment and the happiness spread all around the stadium are compensating any sadness that could arise from the ending of the game. So even if you might come back home at night, tired, and with no voice anymore, you will know it was worthwhile.

Do you want to take advantage of your student life in Toulouse at its best? Go for it, take your friends to the stadium, and enjoy the incredible atmosphere it has to offer to you.

Don’t forget to keep track of the Stade Toulousain schedule!


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