Green Trends in Marketing: Cocoon Auto

I’d like to introduce my elective course in Toulouse campus, it’s named “Green Trends in Marketing”, we’ve learned about the panorama of Sustainable development, Solidarity economy, Eco-tourism, Fundraising, Fair trade, etc.

Green marketing works to help consumers understand a product’s green benefits and a company’s commitment to the environment. It’s also an important avenue in which to educate people about sustainability and the environment.

One of the most attracting course for me is about an environmental-friendly car service company named Cocoon Auto”, “Cocoon Auto” is the first car wash and car detailing center with a comprehensive ecological approach in France. All their washes are ecological thanks to the use of natural products certified 100% biodegradable or bio sourced of vegetable origin.

They use “green” water treatment system to deal with car wash water. This innovative and pioneering device for automotive washing areas is adapted from the reed plant filter for domestic wastewater treatment, a technique widely used by individuals and small communities. It uses the purifying capabilities of a filter bed composed of filter gravel and reeds and other aquatic plants to form a filter treating water pollution in a natural way.

The facility recovers approximately 80% of the wash water from the tunnel as well as a surface area of 400 m² of parking runoff. In addition, its 450 m² roof area can collect rainwater. Thus, cars are cleaned via completely recycled water and through natural and alive processes.

Besides, their outdoor lighting is totally solar. They could lend you free electric bicycles to access the shops and surrounding landscapes during the cleaning of your vehicle. For owners of electric vehicles, they could enjoy a break to recharge at their terminals.

In my opinion, it’s a very innovative and worth-learning way to protect our environment, it benefits the sustainable development of our planet. Their practice tells us environmental-friendly approach and commercial profit could be achieved simultaneously.

Yanling Shi


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