If you are considering to find a part time student job while you are enrolled at school, this might interest you. Every student in France (European or non-European) has the right to work while being enrolled in a University or Business School. If you came with a student visa, you can work up to 60% of the legal time, which is equivalent to 20 hours per week.

There are some important factors that you have to take into account before applying. First, is to validate your visa (for non-European students) with the local immigration authorities (OFII), second have your provisional social security number (ameli.fr) and open a Bank account (LCL recommended). Strongly recommend to have a minimum level of French (B1 or more).

There are several internet sites to look for student job. Here are my recommendations

  1. Pole Emploi: www.pole-emploi.fr. This is the employment service provided by the French government. You can register and access to several job offers. Content is in French.
  2. Completude: www.completude.com. This company connects teachers with students who need some support in certain subjects such as maths, sciences, foreign languages. The opportunity for international students is to teach their mother tongue: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arab…
  3. Speaking agency: www.speaking-agency.com. Allows you to baby sit in your native language as some international couples live in France and need someone that can speak English or Spanish (or other languages) with their children. They also have the chance to apply to teaching languages.
  4. Indeed. www.indeed.fr. One of the most famous job search web pages. You can search for “job étudiant” and several results will appear. You can filter the results according to the city you live in.
  5. Other companies where you can apply are: www.garde-activefr, www.babychou.com, www.o2.fr (cleaning, helping senior or handicaped).
  6. www.messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr. This web page offers plenty of services for students including job offers, scholarship search, accommodation search among others.
  7. Taking your CV to local restaurants or Hotels. This requires a good level of French and the will to start a conversation with the owner or manager of the company.  

Just remember that the most important thing is the attitude towards your job search! You have nothing TOU-LOUSE!




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