Laurent Garnier campaigns against National Front

Laurent Garnier

Passing through Rex Club on Sunday, February 12 night, during the party “A Dream“, Laurent Garnier closed his set by diffusing ‘Porcherie’ of Bérurier Noir, a French-punk hymn with a highly political accent because of its refrain “Youth F*** the Front National” (or FN, a French extremist political party).

In the run for the French 2017 presidency elections, and while in January FN was at the top of voting intentions, Laurent Garnier declared, across this song, that the ideas of the Front National go against the fundamentals of techno which are freedom and equality.

Laurent Garnier’s message is clear, and he wrote on twitter at the same time as the video was posted : #UnisContreLeFN #ReveillonsNous” (“United against FN, Let’s wake up”).

The reaction of FN did not keep people waiting when the following morning the FN president declared in a press release: “It is not a disc jockey who began his career in gay clubs of the capital who is going to five us lessons.”

Only Laurent Garnier succeeded in gathering people in that way. We need to remember that electronic music is, at first and naturally, an anti-authority movement and techno has always been and will always be this way.

Beyond debate, all “specialised” and “trendy” press jumped on the occasion to cover this “non event”, as Laurent Garnier has played this song in clubs all over the world for the past thirty years.

Laurent Garnier knows how to Buzz !


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