Lille as a student city,

Alexandre live in Lille since 2010 and he’s in MSC Tourism Marketing & Management at TBS (Toulouse Business School). In this interview he will present you why his city is attractive. With more than 150 000 students for 1 million people, Lille is one of the « studiest » city in France. Lille has a rich student history, for example the student organisation in the catholic school of medicine is the oldest of France with more than 100 years old.

Which study can you follow in Lille?

Lille is a « little big town » with 3 public university campus, one private catholic campus and many private school in and around Lille. Each year, some of private school of Lille are ranked in the best « post-bac » school.

Why Lille is so popular for student?

First of all you can get a cheap rental accomodation, many young students choose Lille to pursue schooling to avoid Paris and his expensive rent. There is a lot of different students associations who organise party every weeks. It’s a cross cultural city because we have also lot of foreigner who’s coming in Erasmus program.
Moreover, you can find in Lille a special atmosphere, a local well-being, student-friendly, vegan-friendly. Every student decompresses every Thursday in the « Vieux-Lille » ( fancy part of this city) and also Solferino street. We are at the fourth place with the number of pub per habitant in France.
In order to conclude, Lille is not the best place to tan but is the place to meet nice people, have fun and pursue study.

Interview with Alexandre Dewailly

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