The Marketing Situation of Chinese Commercial Films

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The Marketing Situation of Chinese Commercial Films

Since 2002, the film Hero, which is directed by Zhang Yimou came out. It opens the Chinese film market marketing model. Hence, Chinese commercial film marketing entered into a new era. After ten years of development, the theme of  commercial films diversified more and more, through a variety of marketing to achieve a great breakthrough.

In 2016, the mainland cinema annual box office is 45,521 billon yuan. With the vigorous development of Chinese commercial film market, we implement various marketing strategies to promote the box office, for example, micro-blogging marketing, hacker marketing, brand marketing, viral marketing, product placement, celebrity effect and word of mouth, etc. These strategies added a bit of vitality for the whole of Chinese commercial film marketing.

The data shows that not only the production of domestic films but also the quality of national films increase and improve gradually. However, the fierce competition has led a vicious cycle that film producers no longer pay attention to the nature of the films but only care about the profits. The irregular market management and the weak awareness of domestic commercial films genre positioning cause a lot of issue; for instance, excessive rumor, hype up erotic and vulgar information, a large number of product placement and so on. In view of the existing problems, we put forward practical marketing advice.

It has great meaning to correct mistakes in Chinese movies marketing. First of all, it should improve the level of making the commercial movies and take into consideration the pricing of commercial movies with the customer consumption, in the mean time, fully develop the market and optimize promotions to revive the market of commercial movies. Moreover, it should accurately grasp the need of audience and ensure effective communication between the movie and the audience. Last but not least, it also has obligation to create a healthy and virtuous cycle in movie marketing model and atmosphere, which will improve the personnel level of art and culture.


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