March has arrived, but it’s still cloudy in Paris. Can you imagine that even in this weather you can still enjoy thousands of flowers blooming around you?


Last Saturday I visited an exposition of orchids in “Jardin du Plantes” and I am pleased to share this fairy land with you.

Jardin de Plantes is a part of National Museum of Natural History (Muséum national d’histoire naturelle), this museum includes:

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And this exposition is taking place in the GREENHOUSE of


The Greenhouse

You enter almost reverently through a cathedral-like Art Deco colonnade and rightly so, for the tropical rainforests featured in the first greenhouse are sanctuaries for biodiversity, where a single hectare can be home to several hundred species of trees. Originally from Africa, America and South-East Asia, the plants form a perfect jungle. Make your way through the banana trees, creepers, ferns and orchids, climb up also the rock and enjoy the wonderful view over the greenhouse and discover the benefits and functions of the various plant species.

Orchid is a special specie, they can grow everywhere on earth: deep in a forest, on a precipice, under a tree, in a plain or hidden in a mountain and in different environments they can have very different flowers, shapes, sizes and  colors. Sometimes they have different colors in one flower.

30,ooo species of orchids already been discovered, 3/4 of them grow in topical , but some of them also been found near the sea or in very north region, it’s an incredible and amazing creature.

Now, Let’s enjoy the beautiful orchids!






After the visit you can also buy the orchid that you like in the boutique. Actually, most of them are not as expensive as I imagine, they are mostly  around 10~30 euro, but you can also find some more than 200 euro.




price: 200 euros

Orchids are extremely gorges, my father is a big fan of orchids, we have more than 20 orchids on our balcony and I felt really lucky to have this chance to discover more species. Paris always gives me surprise, and I can’t wait for the printemps de Paris!

  • Adresse: grandes serres du Jardin des Plantes, 57 rue Cuvier

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