Most original places in Toulouse

You’re a little tired of the classic bars that you used to frequent, without atmosphere and flavor, you need to go to new horizons … Finally, especially to discover new bars and other unusual places to spice up a little your everyday!

That’s good, we have concocted a selection of the best and unusual bars of Toulouse! You will find all sorts of concepts: cat bar, game bar, jewelry bar, geek bar … If it’s too quirky for you, you can always turn to beer bars or wine bars!


The Chapristea is a “Neko Café” or “Cat Bar” in the heart of Toulouse where you can enjoy a gourmet break with the feline. The place is specially designed for your well-being and that of the nine current residents (cats)



The Mugen Café is a special tea room, as it also offers thousands of self-service mangas. Located in the district of Arnaud Bernard, between Compans Caffarelli and Jeanne d’Arc, the Mugen Café allows its customers to have access to more than 3,800 references of mangas.


Meltdown is a very special bar concept, and rather unusual. You can play there  video games. The Meltdown is a 100% chain of bars, a real hangout for geeks. There, you can play OverWatch, LoL, Hearthstone, Starcraft, WoW, Hots, and many other console or PC games. Alone or with friends, you can have a drink and play online or on a console. The consoles and computers are self-service, everyone can come face to face and have a good time. For some, especially for fans of “geek culture”, this bar is also the way to leave home. When you spend hours, days or nights playing, go out drinking glass (while playing of course) can not hurt!

At Meltdown, you do not have to play or even eat. It is a place that offers to meet people, to exchange with new people, and especially a good atmosphere, friendly and fun.

The bar regularly organizes events: transmission of e-sports competitions.


Les Tricheurs is a festive party bar where you can play, eat and drink delicious cocktails. It is a place that is friendly and fun, in short, a great place to spend a good evening with friends. There, there is fun: no less than 400 games are available. But that’s not all, the managers of the bar also rely on the quality of their cocktails: they invented recipes and adapted others, such as “Smurf Soup”, “Colonel Mustard”, “Jon Snow” or “Grandma-who-laughs”. The rule of the game at Les Tricheurs is that to play, you have to consume. But not bad players either, the managers offer you the opportunity to play without consuming for € 2 per person per hour.


In the heart of Toulouse, a stone’s throw from Place Esquirol and the Pont Neuf, the Bapz tea room welcomes you in a British atmosphere in an English-style room with antique furniture over the years. In love, with family or friends, on a small round table or a large table d’hôte, the house offers salty pies, large salads, brunch and daily specials.


The Roof Top of the 6th floor of Galeries Lafayette, beautifully named Ma Biche on the Roof, is certainly the most emblematic place for summer.You will have the opportunity to have breakfast there, to have lunch for lunch before returning to work, to enjoy a tea while enjoying a pastry between two purchases or to take the drink after a day of work. In the evening, you can enjoy gourmet bites to share with diners over a good bottle, but also discover their signature cocktails.


Article by Mélika Ze Nguele

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