Mr. Goetschmann, A Serial Traveller!

MSc Tourism & Hospitality Marketing & Management (Lille)

A busy gentleman!

Manager of the MSc. Hospitality, Tourism & Travel Marketing & Management and lecturer at ESH Lille, Mr. Goetschmann is also a speaker in other business schools. With a 40-year sound experience in the Travel industry at large, Mr. Goetschmann created a Master in the Travel Industry for TBS about 15 years ago. After up and downs, a new breath was given to this Master in the early 2010’s when a partnership with ESH Lille started offering a common degree to students from both very north and very south of France… and abroad.

ESH Lille

ESH Lille first started this Master with 8 students, and today reaches 25 students. TESH Lille objective is now to grow to 50 students each year, split into 2 groups of 25.
We interviewed Mr. Goetschmann at the end of January 2017, to learn more about his interesting story!

What about your most striking trip ?

“I loved Bhoutan… so many other places too…1972 Surinam.” Mr. Goetschmann was working as a guide for Khuoni in order to develop tours in this then unknown destination. The highlight was to pick-up the tourists from Panamaribo airport, by mini-groups of 4 to 6 persons, reach Albina and then take a pirogue to enter Amazonia and meet Indian tribes. “I no longer liked it when I saw Indians with watches, it was not the same.”

And what about your most memorable restaurant?

“Le Parc des Eaux Vives in Geneva for my step-son wedding: the courses, reaching the restaurant by The Mouettes, special boats cruising on the lake, the music… all was perfect”.

Your favourite hotel?

“Hôtel Puente Romano in Marbella, in southern Spain. The location, beach, setting, garden, spacious rooms with wide views on the vegetation”.

Last question: the proverb that describes you best?

“Never postpone to tomorrow what we can do today. Oh yes, I am like that 😉”


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