My first day in Toulouse

Let’s go back to the first day when I came to Toulouse five months ago.

I was a fresh student with full curiosity and happiness. Sitting on the flight seat, I imagined my new life continuousIy…To travel to different countries and cities, to meet a lot of new friends and do many interesting things together. And of course the issues I might need to figure out. Finally, after 10-hour flight, I arrived in TOULOUSE on the mid-day with nice sunshine.

I couldn’t wait to visit this beautiful city, but there were several things I had to do at first.

Settling down first. As a foreign student who cannot speak French, I know there would be some difficulties in my daily life. The first tough thing I met is to communicate with my landlord. When I arrived at the apartment, my lord was already here waiting for me. We had to sign the contract and my lord also wanted to give me some useful information about living in TOULOUSE. So, in the next hour, we communicated with body language, writing down and by mobile applications. Thanks to the kindness and patience of the landlord, I got lots of helpful messages.

After meeting my landlord, I went to school to register, I spent about half an hour to find the assistants’ office. Since I was refused in the first VISA interview, I had to postpone my registration date, then I missed  orientation day. But our assistant Catherine was so patient. She helped me with the registration step by step, and also gave me advice for creating a new bank account, buying a new telephone number and so on.

When I finished the registration, it was the perfect time to visit the city with the sitting sun. I decided to walk back home instead of by transportation. I went across the street looking around and seeing the beautiful buildings standing there. The wonderful smell spread out from a Boulangerie, and the cafe alongside the street looked like a screen shot of a French movie.

This is my first day in TOULOUSE, such a memorable day!

Jing Luo


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