I asked a lot of my friends here in France what they missed the most about their countries? Most of them blurted out “food”! I am not at all surprised about this result. Food is one of the most essential parts of any culture. It associates with lots of memories from our hometowns or even family. So how do you cope when you miss your favourite food

If you follow me on Instagram, you will definitely know I am an absolute foodie. Cooking is the most important part of my daily life and the best and easiest way to cure my homesick.

Four years of studies in France, have turned me from a kitchen green hand to a home chef.

Making authentic Chinese food is actually not that easy in France. Obviously, there is a huge difference in dietary habits between the French and Chinese, from ingredients to seasoning.

A lot of common ingredients that we use to prepare Chinese dishes are super hard to find in the French supermarkets. That’s why I started my experiment with different French ingredients.

I still remember the first year when I came to France, I always video called my dad to rescue me from cooking disasters. After tons of failed dishes, burning myself or even cutting my figures, I developed my own cooking style — French twist Chinese cooking style, which is approved by all my Chinese and even French friends.

After mastering Chinese cooking, last year I started to try different European cuisines. Because one of the best ways to appreciate one’s culture is through their food. And there are numerous fresh products, great quality proteins, and amazing sauces and spices in France.

It will be such a shame if I just trap myself in Chinese food without trying all these French ingredients. So here I am with new cooking experiments in Toulouse.

This piece was written by Siyi CHEN, a Chinese student pursuing her MSc in Communication Marketing Management at TBS, Toulouse.


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