Neuromarketing or when Marketing meet scientist and doctor…


What motivate you to buy? Why do we choose a product rather than an other one? How can an advertising awaken our desire? There is in the “act of purchase”, a part of mystery for which the brands try to drill. And to understand it, they bet on the scientific research on the brain. The neuromarketing is so in full development. How does it work? Is it necessary to worry?

The neuromarketing is the application of the cognitive neurosciences in marketing communication. The purpose of this emergent discipline is to understand the behavior of the consumers thanks to the identification of the cerebral mechanisms which intervene during a purchase or in the face of an advertising.

The main goal of this discipline is to understand, by the observation of the intellectual activity, the feelings of the consumers and their implications on the purchasing behavior.

The neuromarketing leans on examinations of IRMf (images with functional magnetic resonance), electroencephalograms, eyes testing, etc., that is scientific and very tangible techniques.

The result of the test are more reliable than traditional technic like survey and interview. The results cannot be erroneous by the test, they are directly link with the brain and with the emotional.








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