One-day trip to Albi, a beautiful town nearby

When you come to the town of Albi, you walk into the embrace of a whole world’s cultural heritage.

If you haven’t found its unique charm, take a look at its Renaissance dress and the riverside architecture that is covered in Tuscan style, and then cross the Medieval from the twigs to the Middle Ages. The history that prevails here.

Albi is an ancient city and one of the most important religious centers in southwestern France.

What is the history of Albi ?

In the middle of the Middle Ages, Albibi had a vigorous religious revolution. The “Albi”, also known as the “cleansing” or “Cartari”, waged a long-term struggle with the decaying Pope in the Oxcitan area. In the 13th century, the Catholic Church colluded with the army (that is, the Crusaders) to suppress the Albi faction. A bloody religious war began, and the Albi faction was almost completely wiped out. Since then, the Catholic Church has built 40 meters of the Cathédrale de Sainte Cécile and the Palais de la Berbie on the west side of the city of Albi, both buildings are made of red bricks. Built to show the authority of the Pope supreme. Such a majestic church is extremely rare in the history of France, and it has become a treasure of religious art all over the world.

During the Renaissance, the Asian crops Indigo (Testel du teinturiers) were introduced to the southwestern part of France. Due to their unique ornamental value, many nobles in the city of Albee quickly became a family. Most of the existing downtown buildings in Albi are built during this period, so the city is also a Utopia city full of fashion potential and luxury style. Walking through the alleys and streets, you must be able to see Get a variety of original design shops.

Have a look at this cityYou will never forget it

While visiting Albi City, through Alto, Utopia, you will appear in a city that disappears into the clouds and has a mysterious sense of the world. It is a gathering place for folk artists, one of the most beautiful mountain villages in France. A small town called the string of the sky.


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