Parachuting in Agen

Do you feel bored at home on weekends? As master’s students , we keep on studying, working, projecting almost everyday. Sometimes, we need a little bit of excitement and stimulation in life, dont we? The Parachuting School in Agen (École de Parachutisme dAgen) is definitely a good choice for you!

Nowadays, a parachuting experience is not as rare as before and it is not difficult to get at all. Lets see what you can do at The Parachuting School in Agen.

First of all, dont panic if you have never parachuted before! At the parachuting school, they have the experiencing program specially designed for beginners. There will be two professionals accompanying you until your landing. One of them will be linked behind you, he/she will control the parachute and ensure your safety. Another one will keep communicating with you, keep telling you all the rules and tricks you need to remember during the jumping, and he/she will take photos and videos of your whole experience. After your landing, you will receive a USB key which contains all your photos and videos.

Of course, there is a training program for those who want to do the jumping and make some special moves in the air themselves. There will be a professional coach with you from the theory class from the start until the actual practicing. If you spend enough time and take enough efforts in it, the parachuting school is qualified to produce professional Parachuting licence which is verified all the world. (FYI, a certificate of doctor is required if you want to join a training program. )

Do you want to feel the power of gravity, the speed of wind and watch the magnificent view from 4000 meters in the sky? Take a train to Agen and explore how much you can do?


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