Paris is Always a Good Idea – Confession of a Luxury Management Student

paris eiffel


paris streets

paris streets

I’ve never been to France before, and Paris was the one dream destination I had always wanted to visit, so when I did get the chance to come here, obviously I would not want to miss it. When I landed I ate far too many crepes and macarons, did some sneaky shopping in MAC, Sephora and city pharma, and  came to the conclusion that Paris is very expensive. In my first month here, I got to see some of the main attractions of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame which was amazing inside out, the “lovers bridge” across the river Seine and the Louvre Museum.

love bridge

love bridge

The cute Little cafes of Paris are very chic and vintage. Being a huge coffee lover and book worm, I have already made my bucket list of cafes, pâtissiers to visit here before I leave (if I do :p). I feel very relaxed and calm sitting in a beautiful café, having my cappuccino and reading my book. Although it is a large and the busiest city, I am still exploring the cute places & corners of the city. I have grown to like the Parisian lifestyle including the cute little apartments, the baguette, cheese, dessert and of course wine, which are the staple food that a Parisian simply can’t imagine life without. I am inclined towards the Little trinkets like the cutest postcard you can get on the street or near the Eiffel tower or any papeterie near the street.

notre dame

notre dame

It was my dream to come to Paris and to see the Eiffel tower (when it sparkles at night) and get the most pretty picture clicked with it. And I’ve finally achieved doing it. I felt so content; it felt like magic to see it sparkle. It is true that this is the city of lights and love. When I was small, I used to love movies like Monte Carlo, The devil wears Prada, Midnight In Paris or any movie/book for that matter which was related to fashion or Paris. The city has a very rich culture and many little streets give a vintage vibe. It’s still like monochrome at times.


Being a Luxury specialization student, another fact that attracts me is that Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world, the city hosts the most important fashion shows and exclusive events in The Grand Palais, which is  indeed magnificent. Most important luxury brands have their flagship store here. It’s always exciting to know how close we are to the top designers and artists of the world. The busiest high end/luxury shopping streets like Rue de Rivoli, Champs Élysées, Saint german des pres, Montmartre and many more exquisite streets attract most of the tourists.

You can’t have enough reasons to fall in love with the city.

It’s a city of dreams. I am looking forward to make more and more mesmerizing memories living here.

I want to visit many more places in France, at least , but travelling is something I’m working on in terms of anxiety and confidence, to be able to go away to a place i know and love is very important for me.

Hence, Paris is indeed always a good idea!

Au revoir mes amis x



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