Put That Kodak Moment on Your CV!



Water using his mad photography skills

In today’s world, communication is relying more and more on visual aid, and that does not exclude your curriculum vitae (CV). Depending on the job market that you are sending your CV to, you will, more often than not, find yourself inclined to attach a photo of yourself to that document. If you are applying for a job in Anglophone countries like the U.S or U.K market, apparently it is not the norm to showcase your beautiful physiognomy (I have heard the reason being “You should not be hired because of what you look like”), but if you are applying in France or in Vietnam, do not forget to include that Kodak moment.

Now, this “Kodak moment” is a little particular. Obviously it should not be a picture of yourself in a bikini on a beach having a marvelous time of your life, but also please do not attach your passport picture for crying out loud, unless you can smile for it in your country.

Well, I was looking for that perfect picture just in between these two extreme poles and I was not happy with any candidate in the whole of my picture folder; then, my awesome classmates Chloe and Henri had the amazing idea of organizing a CV photoshoot for our class, inviting another of my classmate, the one and only Water to be our photographer! Thanks to this helpful event, our CVs were saved! Just take a look at these improvements that are going to make our CVs sparkle:

Not only that, we had a ton of laugh hanging out with our classmates and friends! The shoot served its purpose not only in producing great quality CV photos, but also in giving us high quality team building time. It was a success, and great fun!


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