SM2 LABS – SAP Surprise!

MSc Hospitality & Tourism & Management

Ah.. it’s not a surprise anymore. We all know that we will be collaborating with SAP and their clients during the next few weeks and learn along the way.

So the acronym SAP ( Systems, Applications and  Products in data processing ) brings to mind words like  IT solutions , MNC ,technology , ERP, B2B, etc no relevant order. Although these are synonymous to SAP, let’s just break them down and make it a bit simpler for a lay man (read us). SAP was formed 44 years ago in Germany and it is currently a pioneer of  IT solutions provider . It heavily thrives on innovation, and who else to rely on innovation than young blood. Hence , SAP is collaborating with young , enthusiastic and energetic minds of TBS (you guys !!!) to provide them an out of box solution for their corporate clients and have fun in the process.

How ? You ask..

“Innojam” your answer.

The Innojam or simply put , exchange of interesting and novel ideas will enable us to hone our skills and acquaint ourselves with the concept of Design Thinking . Design Thinking is a way of (work) life in SAP  which emphasises on human factor and not just mechanical alone. (Watch this space for more on Design Thinking ).

The 4 day event will be held in TBS – Toulouse campus and will be an exciting opportunity for the participants ,both students and professionals, to work in tandem and bring out the best in them . It will train us for the big , bad , world which is lurking behind the gates of TBS (exaggeration) !

On a serious note, the event will entail massive exchange of wild ideas , relevant information, industry tested concepts and valuable  knowledge , for all the attendants. And just as you thought that it could be a drab , don’t forget that the event will be inundated with exciting and fun activities like Afterworks ,with a huge chance of networking.

And who knows you might just find yourself  with SAP in 2018 !!


See you there 🙂

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