“If You Could Say It in Words, There Would Be No Reason to Paint.”

"Prague", 2012 - Oil on canvas
Prague, June 2012

It’s truly thrilling for me to speak about painting and share my passion with you, dear SM2 readers. I’ve never felt particularly gifted but have always felt a certain drive to paint. I got some basic skills of painting back in the childhood after spending few years attending the drawing course. However, I learned how to paint in oils watching the Youtube videos when I was in my late teens and by getting advice from an owner of a well-known art store located in the center of Prague.

Painting: "Balcony View", 2016 - Oil on canvas
Balcony view, February 2016

I don’t use any special technique in my paintings, at least not that I know of. But I can most definitely say that painting in oils is my passion and a method of meditation that helps me forget everything and completely disconnect from the world. I like using various shades of blue as well as depict the play of light and shadow by using high contrast. I find blue and its shades is the richest color and it signifies peace, wisdom and mystery to me, the things I believe I pursue in real life. Furthermore, I tend to put several layers on the painting to give it shape and add some physical meaning. It is incredibly fascinating how you see the painting completely transforms with each layer you put on it.

"Afternoon", 2016, Oil painting on canvas
Afternoon, August 2016

It is especially interesting to see how paintings reflect our thoughts and our emotional state. When I look back at the paintings I made in the past I not only remember certain periods of my life but it mainly brings me back in time to the feelings and emotions I felt. I think one should try painting not for the sake of result but for the sake of a magical process it is. I believe any form of painting helps you switch off the conscious and dive into your inner feelings. And if I can give only one advice based on my experience, do not try to make it perfect, it will never reflect your real emotions. On the contrary it will reflect the fear of doing wrong you had before each brush stroke. Just take a brush and let your feelings paint for themselves.

Painting: Nymph, 2016 - Oil on Canvas

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