Set Sail to Scotland!

With the blessing of the rising of the low-cost airways, traveling between countries in Europe has become an economic way to spend the vacation with. Especially for students in Toulouse, located in the center of Europe and surrounded by numerous of nations, you just cannot stay in the city when the holiday comes.

One of the best selections has always been the United Kingdom, especially London. However other than the capital Scotland in the northern part you should never miss.

Explore the Edinburgh

Edinburgh has long been one of Europe’s oldest historical cities for any history lovers to visit. You can trace the Scottish capital’s history starting from the Storm Edinburgh Castle, where the ancient kings stood and lied, along the narrow allies in the old town take a slow walk all the way hike up to the Arthur Seat situated on the highest peak in the city and take the whole city view under your view.

Edinburgh is also the city where J.K. Rolling finished most of her world-known fiction Harry Potter in, in the city you may also discover plenty of place and corners where the scenes were taken from. If you are a huge fan to this wizardry fiction series, the city is a must-go destination top put into your bucket list.

Monster search in Loch Ness

We all heard the legends about the monster in the Loch Ness but have you ever imagined to set sail on an adventure in search of it? Located in the center of north Scotland there lies the long narrow lake Loch Ness, often covered with a heavy fog, but the scenery around the lake is never faded. Don’t worry if you can’t find the monster, there are postcards written with “I failed to see a monster” selling in the stores around the lake which the travelers usually take one when heading to the next spot.

Skye of Isle

The Scotland highlands are lands of giants and fairies where legends and stories were told. You can find breathtaking landscapes where horrible battles were fought on, ancient castles hidden in the forest where once were sacred places. However, if you are looking to see the place where gods live, Skye of Isle is one place you should come.

Situated on the northwest coast of Scotland, Skye of Isle is a small island half connected with the mainland by only bridges. Small as it is, all kinds of magnificent landscapes await there to take your breath away. From the giant rocks at the top of the peaks to the steepest cliffs at the coast to the sea, if you are looking for somewhere to kill all the memories in your camera, this is the place for you.

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