Stay in Shape! EASY Tips to Stay Healthy as a Student

MSc. Sports Marketing & Management

We are now in February and your New year resolutions can seem a little bit far away now. With the winter cold, it seems easier to stay in your flat watching Netflix programs than going out to do sport. Also, you think that you may need a fat layer in order for your body to survive this bad period of the year. Fair enough but remember that in 6 month we will be in July and you will want to lose all this fat in order to look good in your bikini ! So here is some advice to stay in good shape during the winter :



Soups are a great winter dish. It is not expensive and you can try a lot of different tastes. Moreover, it is low fat and help you stay hydrated. In winter, you often do not feel thirsty so you do not drink enough. This results in cramps and water-retention. If you do not really like soups, you can also drink tea. Try to avoid coffee because it can make your veins smaller, making difficult for the blood to go into your fingers and toes.


Being active do not mean you have to hit the gym everyday ! Walking, taking the stairs instead of the lift, going shopping in the mall are good way to exercise. If you are more motivated you can try to do small workout in your flat using your bodyweight. You will find videos on youtube explaining you how to do it. I recommend two French channels and one in English :

Tibo Inshape entrainement : This channel is more oriented for boys but girls can find interesting exercises and circuits. Moreover, it is made by a former TBS student.

FitnessBienêtre : This one is more for fitness beginners and for girls.

FitnessBlender : Workouts in English you can make at home.


AVOID ready meals

As a student, you might think you do not have the time neither the resources to cook your meal and you prefer buying ready meals. This is a mistake. Ready meals are full of sugar, fat and salt and you do not always know what is inside (remember Findus lasagna) ! A lot of recipe books and blogs give easy and quick meal ideas. Pick one day in your week and cook all your dishes for the week. Stock it in your fridge so during the week you will only have to reheat it.

I hope all this advice will work for you as much as they worked on me ! I wish you all an healthy and nice lifestyle for 2017 !

Cécile Fori (MSc Sports, Marketing & Management 2016-2017)


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