How to Become a Good Manager: Talent Management

talent management

Talent management appeared in the 1990’s owing to a strong competition in the recruitment of collaborators. It is the state of mind which emphasizes the importance of talent management for the success of organizations. Every manager has his different talents in his team, so knowing how to manage his talents is essential for the blooming, the motivation of the employees who in turn contribute to the success of the company.

A good manager is a person who knows and who respects himself  in different aspects :
“personality, strengths, weaknesses, values and faiths.”

A manager has to have a leader’s capacities but a good leader is not necessarily a good manager: influence and strength of persuasion to motivate the team and attribute the correct role to the correct person. 

Respect these 8 stages and you will become a great manager of the 21st century:

talent management

Finally, a simple word to keep in mind for a good team management : SMART

S for Specific
M for Measurable
A for Agreed
R for Realistic
T for Time-related

It’s your time to try this theory: try and tell us if it works!


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