Day after days have been spent on discussions, brain storming, researching, learning and improvising!!  This was our fruitful experience of being among the 22 students who were selected from more than 50 entrees for a multicultural innovation project for Airbus.

Our main task was to collaborate as a team of students from different educational and cultural backgrounds coming from France, India, China, Taiwan, Italy to name a few. The task given to us was to come up with innovative ideas that could improve customer service experience from a passenger stand point. We were given time to present our ideas in front of the Jury from Airbus that included of Mr Bruno Dahan, Customer Service innovation manager.

The challenge was to maintain a balance between being futuristic, innovative and realistic with our proposals. In the initial pitching we got more than 30 innovation ideas from our team. Which was later brought down to 19 and then 13! Clearly a very competitive environment, and all of us were very enthusiastic giving our best shot.

After one month of hard work we had the D- Day of our presentation. Both the teams presented their innovation in the form of a travel story of a person X, i.e from booking the tickets and airport experience to the in-flight experience until landing. It was evident that all of us pushed the envelope to think out of the box.

At the end of its successful completion we were happy to receive appreciation from the Jury for our work. The time spent on this project were truly enriching. As students it is important to engage ourselves in assignments that give us exposure to an unfamiliar territory. We are thankful to TBS to let us students be a part of this project and work alongside a brand like Airbus. It was a really unforgetable experience for me.


Falguni Sharma



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