New to France? The International Student Services is Here for You.



Travelling abroad for studies can be both exciting and challenging.

Once I arrived in Toulouse from Canada in October to begin my MSc Marketing & Communications program, I had so many questions. I’m that annoying kind of person that needs to constantly asks questions until I am certain I understand, or have all the information I’m looking for.

I found TBS’s International Student Services  and immediately contacted the staff to set up an appointment. I had questions about accommodation, CAF (housing assistance), English-speaking health professionals, and more. Within a few hours, I had an encouraging response from one of the staff, Naomi Lockley, who invited me to come and see her the following day. This was one of the first contacts I had made with TBS staff, and I was pleasantly surprise. Naomi happily answered all my questions with a big smile on her face and made all my worries disappear.

My experience was not a unique one. Many of my classmates, who were travelling from all over the globe (China, India, Belgium, Vietnam, Germany, Czech Republic, etc) also were greatly satisfied with the International Student Services team.

During your time at TBS you can rely on International Student Services to support and assist you when and if you ever need it.

The two leaders: Naomi Lockley and Jessica Grandhomme, are entirely dedicated to helping the international student population at TBS. Whether you have language issues or need help with some France’s tedious paperwork, Naomi and Jessica will welcome you into their office and help you through every step.

The International Student Services team strives to provide the support needed with legalities and practicalities alike, including:

  • Welcome and Orientation information
  • Student accommodation assistance
  • Visa & immigration guidance and paperwork
  • Health, doctors, and health insurance
  • Banking and student finance
  • General queries concerning life as an international student

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They are simply the best. Thank you Naomi and Jessica for all your help!


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