The 8 ways to better keep its customers

In our today’s fasting-developing, competitive business environment, how to better keep our customers ( if possible keep them for life) is a delicate question for all marketing managers. After doing the related customer feedback survey, I find that in fact the quality of service has been playing an important role for the reputation building also for the development of the business. Here are some suggestions for better keeping our customers:

1 – return phone calls promptly. A phone call does not only mean that you care about your product, but also you care about what your customers think of your product.

2 – reward your customers for their fidelity with a gift, a coupon, an invite for thanking customers party.

3 – be accessible. When your customers need you either for the quality of your product or for more information about your service, you should be available to show them that you are ready to meet all their needs.

4 – be credible. First thing for building your image is that you keep your words. If you don’t establish trust from the beginning, from all the customers you already had, you’ll lose more than you imagine.

5 – don’t take the customers you already have for granted. In our modern society, you can never ignore the influence of anyone. Send them a thank note for their trust and their fidelity is always a good way.

6 – make a good use of the social media. Set up your customer community. Make it easier for them to share what they think about your product or your service. Plus, this is a good way for promoting your business.

7 – make it personal. More and more people search for originality and uniqueness. Make your product or your service personal differentiates you from your competitors.

8 – reciprocity. If you are in BtoB business, it’s highly recommended that you can use or buy your customers’ product or service in return. In one hand, this means you trust them and you know them well; in the other hand, you can gain more credibility.




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