The first must-have application living in Toulouse

As an international student in Toulouse, you must be very excited about its pink walls, blue skies, crystal river and various museums. But don’t you think the transport system is a little bit complicated? Metros, buses, tramways? Now we have a solution here, just with one application: Tisséo!

When it was created in 2002, the trade name Tisséo brings together the three entities responsible for managing the public transport system of the Toulouse urban area. Tisséo-SMTC (Syndicat mixte des transports en commun), the organizing authority for urban transport, brings together representatives of various local authorities: the Greater Toulouse and Sicoval agglomeration communities, the Syndicat intercommunal des transports publics of the region Toulouse (SITPRT) and the General Council of Haute-Garonne.

With this application, we can move to wherever we want easily. It has a general map of Toulouse, and if you want to go to somewhere, you can directly type your destination, then you will have the specific route, which bus or metro you should take and how many minutes it will take.

Besides the destination searching, its traffic information is also very useful and pratique. For example, on the right side, we have several sectors: route calculation, next passage, network information, line plan, metro access and other parameters. Route calculation is like what I mentioned in the last paragraph, about the specific destination. And the “Next passage” is also widely used. Because imagine that you are actually waiting a bus, if you have no idea how many minutes it will take, that would be a little bit annoying right? What if it takes you 10 minutes or more, it’s time consuming and patience-exhausted. But with this little thing, you will know exactly how long you will have to wait and it’s super accurate.

Another very useful function is “ Network information”, especially for now, we have experiencing a very spacial movement: Gilet Jaune, so we have many strikes, and the public transport is usually unavailable, which gives us a lot of inconveniences. Fortunately, Tisséo can tell us immediately once the transport is suspended.

I know that living in Toulouse is comfortable, but challenging at the same time, I really hope this application can help you to simplify your life here.

Jiaying Li


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