The Garonne River

The Garonne River flows from south to north through the city of Toulouse. Its beautiful scenery on both sides, the historic New Bridge and St. Pierre Bridge are all across the river, and the night is particularly beautiful against the landscape. The Garonne River is one of the five largest rivers in France. It originates from the Spanish Pyrenees and eventually flows into the Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Gironde in northern Bordeaux, France.


The Garonne River can be called the mother river of Toulouse. More than half of the beauty of Toulouse is attributed to the Garonne River. Such a river creates such a drowning city. These drowning buildings add infinite grace to the city. If you come Toulouse to travel, you MUST take a walk along the river and feel the perfect combination of natural river water and humanistic architecture. And there are many famous buildings along the banks of the river. The ancient city walls of the old city, the city hall, and the ruins of the arena are scattered on both sides of the river. Whether you are hiking along the river or taking a boat tour, it is very good, you can see the elegance of the ancient city of Toulouse.

Compared to the Nine Bridges on the Seine in Paris, the bridge on Garonne River is smaller and shorter. But the nearby scenery is very attractive. There are many cafes and bars along the river, and you can go in for a drink of red wine or beer with your partner, it’s REALLY romantic.


Most recommended:When the night falls, the colorful lights on the bridge and on both sides of the strait are all turn on, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the bridge.

-Jingyi ZHENG


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