The relations between art and brand

In this march, I went Paris to take the elective class. The lesson was about the relationship between art and luxury brands, which impressed me a lot.

Our teacher is an artist and she has some experience cooperating with some luxury brands. The first day of this class was to mainly to watch some videos.

Some of the videos were very famous and interesting advertising videos, therefore, some of us had already watched before. While other videos about some famous luxury brands were quite different from what we watched before.

Usually, we watch the commercial advertising videos through TV or somewhere else is quite easy to understand.

However, the videos we watched during the class were mainly too difficult to figure them out. For example, I remember there was a video about Gucci, many of us knew this was a story video, but we did not understand what the story was. The teacher told us that luxury brands would invite arts to help them made some interesting videos and not for commercial purpose. So the videos were not in order to let everyone understand, but to express its brand value which is more like the art.

The other days of the class, we had other artists to be our teachers, they all had rich experience working with famous luxury brands, and some of them even had their own brands. It was actually a very pleasant thing to have them taught us, we acquired useful knowledge about brands through their teaching and sharing.

The last afternoon about the class was to see an exhibition about the clothes designed by Martin Margiela. The clothes, actually, were not for selling to wear the designer’s mind and his attitude toward to life, which is really something related to the art.


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