Our SM2 Blog Team consists of more than 30 writers; all are either MS. or MSc. in Marketing students at Toulouse Business School (TBS) from our campuses in Toulouse, Paris, and Lille.

The main purpose of this blog is for us to apply some concepts we learn in marketing and communication classes. However, our equally important role is to have fun and share our experiences, so you, our lovely readers know more about TBS, Toulouse and our student life! This blog is written for prospective students, actual students, alumni and anybody who wants to learn more about Toulouse, TBS, or subjects in Marketing and Communication.

With writers coming from different parts of the world and having different cultures, our blog is very diverse. Although we differ in our study programs, we still share many common traits. We are young, determined and we are here to learn and HAVE FUN ! So enjoy your reading and do not hesitate to comment and share our posts!

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The SM2 Blog Team