The value of physical exercise, TBS Sports Club

TBS sports club

Sports is in TBS’ DNA. Sports club plays an important role in our campus life. Team spirit, perseverance, social inclusiveness and mutual respect make sports a natural part of education.

Sports at TBS is also social, and a strong driver of cohesion in the SM2 Program. Playing and competing alongside peers from every country and with diverse backgrounds is a means to get to know one another and live together harmoniously. TBS sports club will help you settle in and make new friends and an amazing support network. In our club, you will immediately have a shared common interest with all of the people there and that will make it really easy to make friends and push yourself out of comfort zone.

TBS Sports Club organizes running session every Saturday morning. The aim of this event is obviously to stand out in a sport, and to push yourself to the limit. Furthermore, it is also an opportunity to come together as a community and put the tiredness of studying and exam stress behind you.

Sports Club is also a good place to learn new skills that you might not pick up from your degree. Through sports, you will learn how to work with others like body language and self-confidence. In Sports Club, people are as family and you will find the sense of belonging, which will make you feel more part of TBS. Sports Club brings everyone closer and raises people to join in. People in Sports Club support each other and get along with each other which is really nice.

If you are interested in working out, TBS Sports Club will be a great chance for you. People in Sports Club go to gym after class. You can always find your buddy or spotter in Sports Club.

This is a “well-being” reflex that will be useful to graduates throughout their professional life. If you are interested in sports, feel free to come along and have a go with us!



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